2017 Open Show High Point Winners

Walk-Trot (all ages):

Champion: Miley Defalco, Xtreme Enchantment, 244.5 points
Reserve: Joielie Touchette, Enternaly Mariah, 183 points
3rd: Katie McGill, Dun It In Secret, 50 points
4th: Leah King, Mavericks Lil Diva, 12.5 points
5th:  Savannah Field, Paint My Bucks, 3.5 points

2017 region 5 Open Show highpoint walk trot



13 & Under:

Champion: Madison Niemi, BNW Bo Jango Bay, 524 points
Reserve: Samantha Yoder, KA Emiras Gold, 371 points
3rd:  Presley Conover, Mavericks Lil Diva, 296 points
4th: Grace Smith, Bargellos Razoul, 277 points
5th: Charlee Pendleton, Cruzin on my Mercedes, 76 points
6th: Gianna Roppo, Billie Jean SW, 60 points
7th: Presley Conover, Confettis Topper, 36.5 points
8th: Valerie Lang, 34 points

2017 region5 Open Show highpoint 13 and under: Madison Neimi




Champion: Nikole Schroeder, Maikonfession, 210 points
Reserve: Jaxon Hagedorn, ROL Cymply Spot, 88 points
3rd: Madison Anderson, Arosenthyme MA, 59 points

 2017 region 5 Open Show highpoint 14-18




Champion: Erika Smith, Way Too Flashy, 17 points
Reserve: Evgenia Stenberg, WF Oskar Gold, 11 points
3rd: Allison Wallace, Mavericks Lil Diva, 6 points
4th : Jessica Irwin, Ala Commandding Fire, 3 points

 2017 region 5 Open Show highpoint adult 19-39



40 & Over:  

Champion: Robyn Yoder, Red Delicious , 224 points
Reserve: Cheryl Wright, MJD Cortez, 130 points
3rd: Nicole Rowley, Pinataa, 25 points

 2017 region 5 Open Show highpoint 40 and over

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