About Region 5

The Arabian Horse Association's Region 5 encompasses Alaska, Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Region 5 has earned the respect of Arabian horse competitors across the country. Whether for show, endurance or dressage, horses from the Pacific Northwest are among the best in the nation.

The quality and caliber of our Region 5 horses are evident by the results of highly competitive shows such as the U.S. Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale.


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2019 Region 5
Championship Show

July 9 - 13, 2019
Evergreen Equestrian Park
Monroe, WA


DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED in the Barns/Arena at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds. 

no dogs allowed

This is not a Region 5 rule, but rather a rule of the Fairgrounds, so please plan for pups to spend their time in the RV, Trailer area or at home. 
Also Bicycles and Scooters are not allowed as well.  Thank you.




Region 5 Championship Show Updates:

Regional and Pre-Show Equitation Patterns - View/Download - updated: 6/3/2019

Reining and Ranch Patterns - View/Download - updated: 6/10/2019


IMPORTANT Updates to the Region 5 Champ Show and Pre Show

Regional update : Qualifications ARE required for Horses Entered in classes 547, 602, 650 and 653 these are  the Yearling Halter Sweeps and Non Sweeps.


We are adding two classes at Regional's for the Futurity Commission. 
They are Amateur Country English Pleasure Maturity classes.

  • Class Number 626A: Arabian Country English Pleasure Maturity ATR
    (Note this will follow class 626)
  • Class Number 580A: Class Number Half Arabian County English Pleasure Maturity ATR 
    (Note this will follow class 580)

 Click here to view Futurity page.

Region 5 Pre Show Updates:


The five TBA classes offered at Pre-Show are now taken and two resulted in age splits to two current classes. Here’s how it lines out:
Class 2A (TBA 60): Arabian Country Pleasure Driving
Class 3: Arabian Mare Breeding 3 & Over (was 1 & over)
Class 3A (TBA 58): Arabian Mare Breeding 2 & Under
Class 5: Arabian Stallion Breeding 3 & Over (was 1 & over)
Class 5A (TBA 57): Arabian Stallion Breeding 2 & Under
Class 7A (TBA 56): Arabian Gelding 1 & Over ATH
Class 7B (TBA 59): Arabian Country Pleasure AOTR

If you have sent your entry into Classes 3 or 5, I will put your horse into the appropriate age class.
The added TBA’s are available at the regular Pre-Show class fee of $20.
You can send an email (peprmntpatii@q.com) to me if you would like to add a class.

TBA classes (52 – 55) listed as the AHA Medal classes are still available for the sponsorship fee of $20 per class.


TBA Class 56  has been purchased.   56: Arabian Gelding ATH 1 Yr & Over.  

Class 56 will run after class  7

Class 57 Arabian Yearling Colts 2 and Under. This will run after Class 5.

Class 5 will now be Arabian Stallion Breeding 3 and over.

Class 58 Arabian Mares 2 and Under. This will run after Class 3

Class 3 will now be Arabian Mares Breeding 3 and over.


2019 Region 5 Championship Happenings

 Click to enlarge





Russ Taylor

Regional Show:

Brian Scoggins
Alan Clanton
Elizabeth E. Bentley

USEF Steward:
Cindy Reid


NEW! - USEF Safe Sport Training Requirements - Click Here to Read

USEF Vaccination Requirement Rule - Click Here to Read




"Chuckanut Golf carts is eager to assist Region 5 Show participants with their transportation needs during the show. We have 2-passenger, 4-passenger and 6-passenger golf carts available for rent. We will be dropping carts off on Sunday, July 7th and picking carts up on Sunday, July 14th for the 6-day rental, and will not be able to accommodate any other drop-off or pick-up dates.  Please contact us directly at 360-510-4447 orbrian@chuckanutgolfcarts.comto make a reservation or to inquire about rates.  Deadline for reservations is noon on July 6th.  Please book early to ensure availability as we do have a limited number of vehicles available. You will be required to provide proof of insurance and all drivers must be over 16 with a valid drivers license. Also golf carts MUST be parked in designated parking at the arenas." 


2019 Championship Show Forms

Premium List - View/Download - updated: 3/28/2019

Pre-show and Regional Class Lists - View/Download

Equitation Patterns - View/Download - updated: 6/3/2019

Reining and Ranch Patterns - View/Download - updated: 6/10/2019

2019 Region 5 Championship Show Program - 

*Entry Form: Interactive View/Download

Stabling Form -

Patrons FormView/Download - updated: 3/18/2019

2019 Region 5 Show - Sponsorship Packages - View/Download

Region 5 Year End High Point Buckle and Ribbons Sponsor Form - View/Download

Session Sponsorship: View/Download

Garland Sponsorship - View/Download - updated: 3/18/2019 

Corporate Sponsorship - View/Download - updated: 3/19/2019 

Spotlight Sponsorship - View/Download  - updated: 3/19/2019 

Vendor Agreement - View/Download - updated: 3/18/2019 

Region 5 Futurity Rules and Enrollment Form - View/Download - View web page - updated: 3/18/2019 

Purebred Yearling Halter Amateur Jackpot Futurity - View/Download - updated: 3/18/2019

High Point Program - Click here to learn more

T.A.I.L. Program - Click here to learn more

* Entry Form Interactive (front & back): 

Download, fill in all information, total your classes, stalls, and fees. It will do the math for you. You can't save the form with the information unless you have a PDF program so be sure to print it before you close it.


Be sure that you are using a current version of Adobe Reader

For Laptop/Desktop Computers

Adobe reader for android:

Adobe reader for ipad



Featured During the Show:   T.A.I.L. Program

Stay tuned for 2019 Dates and Times!

The T.A.I.L program offered at the Region 5 Championship Show gives adults and children of all ages the opportunity to learn more about the Arabian breed from educated volunteers. The tour will aim to encourage people to enjoy the breed and create a welcoming experience at the show.

Click here to learn more


 Acheivement Leveling Awards Points:

Make sure to log into your AHA account and check your leveling point totals.
This way you will know which level you are at for a particular discipline.

Click here to view Acheivement Leveling 101


Show Manager:

Michelle Pease-Paulsen

Assistant Show Manager:

Gordon Jennings

Show Secretary: 

Pat Hough

 Show Committee:

Michelle Pease-Paulsen, Alicia Garrett, Gordon Jennings, Tague Johnson, Ian Sage







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