About Region 5

The Arabian Horse Association's Region 5 encompasses Alaska, Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Region 5 has earned the respect of Arabian horse competitors across the country. Whether for show, endurance or dressage, horses from the Pacific Northwest are among the best in the nation.

The quality and caliber of our Region 5 horses are evident by the results of highly competitive shows such as the U.S. Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale.


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Congratulations to Kaylee Markonich!

Recipient of the $2000 National Horseman Magazine Youth Scholarship - Winning Essay

Kaylee MarkonichThe Arabian horse is important to me because it embodies every quality I strive to obtain. Don’t get me wrong, horses in general are a true gift to mankind but the Arabian breed holds a special place in my heart. Not only do these animals display effortless beauty but also the intelligence to attract any equestrian who’s daring enough to take on the challenge of working with a 1,500-pound teammate. The versatility of the Arabian horse is unmatched by any other breed. From racing and endurance riding to show jumping and pleasure classes, Arabians excel in every discipline with ease. They are the true definition of a “partner in crime”. I have endured troubling times throughout my 19 years of life and questioned my purpose in the world. Life isn’t always easy but I know I’ll never have to tolerate the struggle alone. Arabians are intuitive to their riders. No nerve or emotion goes unnoticed. There’s nothing more beautiful than watching that Liberty class in Scottsdale as the horses feed off the crowd’s energy. It’s like they know when the judge’s eyes are on them and I promise you one thing, they will not disappoint.

The Arabian horse has introduced me to a world that I now know I couldn’t live without. I’ve met some of my best friends because of the Arabian horse industry and I will forever be grateful for it. Not only that, but I’ve found a career that I wish to pursue. Because of the Arabian horse, I want to train and manage a show barn all while creating my own elite breeding program. I have experienced true happiness because of the Arabian breed and I know that chasing my dreams will leave me nothing but a life I am more than content of living. My father always said, “If you find a job you love, you never work a day in your life.” Working with Arabian horses makes me the happiest girl in the world and that’s how I know I will live a blissful life. 

The Arabian horse is important to me for a million reasons, my favorite one being the fact that I have found a home within the industry. As any kid growing up, a common wish amongst parents is for their child to find something they love and want to invest their time in. School sports never interested me much and I was never patient enough to take the time to learn an instrument. I’ve always had a hard time making new friends and feeling like the odd one out of the group is a situation I’ve grown accustomed to. But not with the Arabian horse. This industry gives me an environment that I fit into. A place where I can showcase my skills in front of people who understand the love for a horse and acknowledge your abilities. I can’t dribble a ball or shoot hoops but I can show the hell out of a horse. They are my home away from home when no one else can relate. They are my saving grace when life decides to throw a curve ball at me. Arabian horses are the consistency in a world where everything else feels questionable. Cliché? Maybe, but it is most certainly true. No matter how dim the clouds may seem, the Arabian horse has always been my light at the end of the tunnel. In the Arabian horse industry, I have a sense of belonging. I know I am right where I want/need to be. I am by no means old nor wise, but I do know that life is a precious thing and happiness is not always easy to find. So hold onto the simple joys in life and anything that makes you wildly excited to be alive, that’s why I will forever hold onto the best thing that has ever happened to me, the Arabian horse.

 ~ by Kaylee Markonich