About Region 5

The Arabian Horse Association's Region 5 encompasses Alaska, Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Region 5 has earned the respect of Arabian horse competitors across the country. Whether for show, endurance or dressage, horses from the Pacific Northwest are among the best in the nation.

The quality and caliber of our Region 5 horses are evident by the results of highly competitive shows such as the U.S. Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale.


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2016 Rider Profiles: Canadian and Youth Nationals

I would like to thank everyone who responded to my request regarding rider profiles for Youth Nationals and Canadian Nationals.

This year Youth Nationals moved back to Oklahoma City. …after being held in Albuquerque for several years.  I think the change in venue had an effect as the Pacific North West did not have a large presence at the show…however, I expect that more of our trainers and youth will attend the show next year. 

Along with showing horses, Youth Nationals offers several other activities for kids. One of the AHYA Youth Annual Meetings takes place at the show.  At this meeting the AHYA board for the following year is elected. I want to congratulate our own Danika Overstreet on being elected AHYA Youth Secretary. 

The show also offers a Golf Cart Parade- which is always a lot of fun…this year’s theme was Going for the Gold as it was an Olympic Year.  I am proud to announce that Region 5 Youths and Parents created the winning golf cart design.  Be on the lookout at all of our local shows for the banner that outlines these accomplishments.  Now on to our profiles from Youth Nationals.

Rider Profiles for Youth Nationals

  • Grace Hertz
  • Bianca Massman
  • Mia Tobeck
  • Erica Silbernagel and Jeanne Miller
  • Ava Rasmussen


Grace Hertz

Grace Hertz

Grace showed her horse TF Still Smokin’ in the HA Country JTR select & JOTR 14-18.   When asked about her horse she said “ He is a thrill to ride! He makes me work for it but when we both work well together, it is so much fun.”  Youth Nationals was her first Nationals.

When asked about her experience she said “Even though my classes didn't exactly go as planned I still had so much fun and I think that says a lot about the show! I really liked the atmosphere of the whole show. I'm so excited to go back next year!”  She also plans to start showing her horse in Show Hack in 2017.



Bianca Massman

Bianca Massman

Bianca shows her horses Cracker Jax PF,  GR Laureyn Bacall and Celebrity Cyting FBF.  She showed in Hunter Seat Equitation, Walk Trot and Hunter Pleasure Walk Trot.  When asked about her horses she said they are great ponies, super pretty and knows they know who their people are. Bianca thought that Nationals was Super Fun and she loved how there was always something going on.  

When asked about her highlights she said “Being able to watch and try out so many amazing horses”  Regarding next year she said her goals are to have an even stronger relationship with her horse and to work on patterns. Outside of horses she loves photography.


Mia Tobeck

Mia Tobeck

At this year’s Youth Nationals Mia showed her two horses Khross My Heart and Battman. She showed Khross My Heart in purebred Western JOTR 14-18 and purebred Western JTR select.  Then she showed Battman in Half-Arabian Country JOTR 14-18 and JTR select. When asked about her horses she said Khross My Heart (Maya) is a very sweet and honest mare who loves her job. She also loves to take naps with me between classes. Battman, is also very sweet once he gets to know you and loves to be in the show ring. His favorite thing to do after shows is to go on trail rides around the farm. They both get very excited to see me and go to work when I get to the barn everyday.

This year was Mia’s 9th and final Youth Nationals. She enjoyed going to the new facility in Oklahoma City and being able to experience new places. Some of her highlights of this show were going top ten with Maya in two competitive Western classes, and having some fun classes with Battman and seeing how far he has come since the beginning of this year.

I also enjoyed spending time and learning from two of my biggest supporters and mentors, Greg Harris and Dani Stock. As my youth career comes to a close, I look forward to continuing to show as an amateur as I finish my education, then start training and showing as an open rider. I would like to give a special thanks to everyone who has helped me become the person and rider I am today, Mom, Mike, Mckenzie, Greg, Dani and many more, I can't thank you guys enough!



Erica Silbernagel

Erica Silbernagel and Jeanne Miller

While Erica lives in Oregon she showed her Aunts…Jeanne Miller from Auburn WA  home bred mare DM Geez Louise++.  Erica showed Louise to a Reserve National Champion in HA Ladies Side Saddle English JOTR and a Top Ten in HA Hunter Pleasure JTR Select 18 & under.

When we asked Jeanne about Louise she said that she has always been the sweetest horse from the day she was born. She is very gentle and can be ridden by anyone because she is very safe. She is funny because she has done walk-trot and takes very good care of her little kid, but then when she is shown in amateur divisions she needs a much stronger rider to have her looking her best, as she is anything but easy. She is very sure-footed, making her the ultimate trail horse, which she loves.

When Erica first rode her sidesaddle, about 2 years ago, no one thought it would work, but she ended up being really good. She always takes her canters perfectly without even needing a whip, which is strange since she needs a lot of leg when riding her. Louise's beauty and elegance are what, I think, make her ideal for sidesaddle.

According to Erica this was only my second nationals, but I really liked the atmosphere this year. Everyone was so encouraging and supportive of each other. My highlights were being National Champion in HA Country Pleasure JOTR 14-18 for the second year in a row, and Top Ten in HA Saddle seat Equitation 14-18 with DM Fireproof+++// and winning Reserve National Champion with DM Geez Louise++ in HA Ladies Side Saddle English JOTR. I was so shocked because this was my last class of the show and I was just glad that I had a good ride! Having my family breed these horses, I was very proud to have been able to show them both to national titles. I'm not sure what my plans are for next year with horse shows since I will be starting my first year of college at Oregon State University, but I hope I will at least get to go to some, whether I'm showing or not.




Ava Rasmussen

Ava Rasmussen

Ava showed two horses at Youth Nationals PA LaColline and Miss Spectacular.  She showed PA LaColline in Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR 13 and Under and Miss Spectacular in Half Arabian Country English Pleasure JTR Select and the 13 and Under JOTR.

When asked about her horses she said PA LaColline is a purebred grey Arabian mare, Miss Spectacular is a Chestnut HA mare.  I love both of these mares, they are friendly, pretty and have tons of personality!

This was Ava’s second Youth Nationals - last year I won the purebred Western Seat EQ Walk/Jog on PA LaColline.  Both years have been amazing, I love that I get to meet so many kids from other parts of the country that share the same love of horses that I do!

Ava said that she started showing at 3 in Lead-Line and has now graduated to my first year in 13 and under….it is a lot more fun to get to canter/lope!  I liked Nationals this year in Oklahoma City as my mom and I were able to visit the Oklahoma Memorial site which was both sad and awe-inspiring. The highlight was winning a second National title on PA LaColline!  My plans for next year are to show both horses at Scottsdale, Region 7 and Youth Nationals, in addition I will get to show my horse Gold Rush PGA +/ at Region 4 and 5.

Outside of my horses, I play soccer and participate in Ballet where I passed the Royal Academy of Ballet dance exam with Merit this year and will be starting to dance on Pointe this fall.




Rider Profiles for Canadian Nationals

  • Natalie Alves
  • Weston Sage
  • Marin McKee


Natalie Alves

Natalie Alves

Natalie joined Region 5 several months ago and is a member of the Daffodil Club.  Her profile covers her experiences at Youth Nationals as well as Canadian Nationals.

Natalie shows Shake It Up Baby+// (A.K.A. Stella).  At Youth Nationals she showed in Half Arabian Show Hack and Side Saddle JTR and JOTR.  Then at Canadian Nationals she showed in Half Arabian English Show hack JTR, Half Arabian English Sidesaddle ATR/Open and Half Arabian Country Pleasure JOTR/JTR.

When asked to describe her horse she said; Stella is a very charismatic and sensitive mare. Her personality outshines her talent and athleticism, which are also incredible qualities that she possesses. I fell in love with Stella the moment I saw her in her stall when she looked at me with her huge eyes! We have been on this journey together for, what will be, 6 years. She has overcome seemingly impossible challenges and has the biggest heart and “most try” I have ever seen in a horse.
Natalie has competed in 8 National competitions. When asked about Youth Nationals Nathalie said “This will be my 7th National show, but my 2nd time at Youth Nationals. Now that I know what the Youth National experience is like, I want to make the most of my last year as a junior competitor both in and out of the show ring. I look forward to getting back in the National arena with my partner Stella, but especially this year since the show has been moved to Oklahoma City. Being able to experience the new location before my Youth years are over is very exciting!  Regarding Canadian Nationals she looks forward to it because it is one of my favorite shows every year and also because it will be my last show as a youth competitor. I have competed at Canadian Nationals many times but this year will be special, especially after just finishing such a successful Youth Nationals.

According to Nathalie…. the 2016 Youth National Championships was an incredibly exciting experience with some of the best horses in the Arabian circuit in attendance. The highlights of my show were making all of my eliminations and Top Ten in the 4 classes that I entered. I had amazing rides for all of my classes and Stella really stepped up to the challenge! I am so proud of my horse and our accomplishments at the show.
Then for Canadian Nationals she said “Stella and I had an incredible show at the 2016 Canadian National Championships. We won the JTR Show hack for the second year in a row and made Top Ten in our 4 other classes placing 3rd in 2 of them! One of my highlights was competing in the high-powered Country English Pleasure classes especially since I haven't competed in Country for a year.”

When we asked Natalie what she does outside of the horses she said “I have completed my first year of Graphic and Digital Design at the University of the Fraser Valley and have begun working professionally in the design world both in and out of the equestrian community. Combining my passions of design, photography, art and the Arabian horse is an exciting new journey that I have begun. As for the future with my horses, I look forward to a new chapter with my family’s 3 year old Black Daniels mare, AFA Bailey Daniels, as well as the possibility of breeding Stella.

I would like to thank my parents for their endless support, Brenda Driediger, my trainer, for her guidance and wisdom and Jonathan Ramsay and Stachowski Farms, Inc. for the opportunity to stable with and learn from them at Youth Nationals.





Weston Sage

Weston Sage

Weston shows a chestnut gelding by the name of Wiley Quixote PGA /.  He describes Wiley as a sweet little pocket pony.   He competed with Wiley in Horsemanship, Showmanship and Reining.

This year’s Canadian Nationals was Weston’s first Nationals Show.  When asked what he was looking forward to he said Competing and hanging out with my friends. Looking forward to swimming in the hotel pool. I also want to ride my horse around the showgrounds bareback. Weston and Wiley had a good show taking home Top Ten in Reining and Horsemanship.

Outside of horses, Weston likes to play video games and help around our mini farm, where they also have cows and pigs.





Marin McKee

Marin McKee

Marin showed Jessee James +/ at this years Canadian Nationals in Walk/Jog Western Pleasure and Equitation 10 and under.  This was her very first Nationals.   When we asked Marin about her experience this is what she had to say “I had an amazing experience at Canadian Nationals.  I was given the opportunity to come ride for my last year in 10 & under.  Unfortunately when we arrived the horse I was supposed to ride became unavailable.  Lisa Garrison (owner of Jessee James) kindly volunteered him for me to show in my classes.  I rode him one time prior to the class and not only went National Champion in the Pleasure but also the Equitation.  I couldn't believe it!

A huge thank you to all who worked together to make my dream come true.”

 Thank you again to all who sent me your bios for the rider profiles.

    ~ Michelle Pease-Paulsen