About Region 5

The Arabian Horse Association's Region 5 encompasses Alaska, Washington, Northern Idaho, and Western Montana.

Region 5 has earned the respect of Arabian horse competitors across the country. Whether for show, endurance or dressage, horses from the Pacific Northwest are among the best in the nation.

The quality and caliber of our Region 5 horses are evident by the results of highly competitive shows such as the U.S. Nationals, Canadian Nationals, and Scottsdale.


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The USDF All Breeds High Score Award Program - AHA Winners!

The USDF all breeds high score award program is designed to recognize the accomplishments of specific breeds in Dressage.  Award winners are based upon the highest median score but must also meet all of the requirements and with a minimum of 8 scores from four different judges at four different shows.  Scores can be earned at both USDF recognized Arabian and Open competitions.  Champion and Reserve medals were given out at the USDF Salute Gala Awards Banquet in Vegas in December of this year.  We congratulate all of our 2015 Region V area winners!
2015 USDF All Breed Award winners, Arabian Horse Association:
Stephanie Parrish & EVG Ynyr (Pictured): Second Level Champion JR, Third Level Champion JR, Arabian.  Spokane WA.
Shana Blum & Bohemian Rhapshahdy (Pictured): Training Level Champion AA, Half-Arabian.  Enumclaw, WA.
Darsie Bell & Trade Secret CC (Pictured): Second Level Reserve Champion AA, Arabian.  Kent, WA.
Debbie Canaday & Sshaq: First Level Champion Open, AA, Vintage Cup, Arabian.  Second Level Champion Vintage Cup, Arabian.  Juneau, AK.
Tammy Bowers with TA Im Too Hsexy, Reserve Champion, 2nd level, Vintage cup, Arabian
Tara Wigmosta & Andarazja Rose: Third Level Reserve Champion, AA, Arabian.  Seattle, WA.

In addition, the following Northwest riders received their USDF Bronze medal in 2015 riding purebred Arabians:

Darsie Bell with Trade Secret CC+
Ronda Andrews with SC Merlot+/
Tara Wigmosta with Andarazja Rose+
Jennifer Bacar with OFW Ambush+/
Amanda Howell with HH Antonia++//



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